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Seedtag's action to support Ukrainian victims

By Seedtag on March, 7 2022

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The situation in Ukraine is critical. This tragic conflict has turned into a humanitarian crisis, with Ukrainians being forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in other countries. According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, over 2.8 million people have already left Ukraine in order to ensure their safety.

We at Seedtag want to help the victims of this conflict and in response to this tragedy we are taking the initiative as we always strive to do. This is why we have chosen to support Aldeas Infantiles, an organization focused on protecting childhoods all over the world. Seedtag have contributed an initial €5000 donation, while Seedtag employees are also making donations in order to support their humanitarian efforts for the Ukrainian people. These donations will be matched by Seedtag. We will also be contributing with a pro-bono campaign to Aldeas Infantiles to help them increase their advertising impact.

We also believe in tackling misinformation and agree that quality journalism needs to be funded now more than ever. For Seedtag, brand safety has always been top priority, and we will continue to work with brands to ensure they are not placed next to content that is deemed misleading or unsafe.

In this time of crisis, our support is crucial.

We will always support human rights, democracy and peace.


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