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Seedtag Launches Contextual TV, a First-of-its-Kind Solution for CTV Advertisers

By Seedtag on March, 27 2024

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Leading global contextual advertising company pioneers the fusion of open-web interests and audiences with Connected TV content, prioritizing transparency, granularity, and effective delivery


Seedtag, the global leader in contextual advertising, announced today the launch of Contextual TV, a first-of-its-kind offering that harnesses AI-based network dynamics, rich insights and bespoke creative to enable advertisers to create more effective CTV strategies and drive high-performing, privacy-compliant advertising campaigns across the open web and advanced TV. Expanding into CTV was a natural step for Seedtag, demonstrating the company's dedication to supporting its clients across all screens and moving towards becoming omnichannel.“Advertisers encounter several challenges in the fragmented CTV market, including lack of standardized data signals, limited measurement capabilities, opaque reporting, creative limitations, and the inability to identify and understand the viewer behind the TV screen,” said Kartal Goksel, Chief Technology Officer of Seedtag. “These factors make it difficult for advertisers to reach their target audience effectively and measure the performance of their advertising campaigns, which is why the market is ready for a solution like Contextual TV.”

Seedtag's Contextual TV offers a comprehensive approach to addressing advertisers’ challenges in the Connected TV (CTV) landscape by seamlessly bridging the gap between viewership and readership interests. Leveraging their expertise in indexing the open web contextually, they provide advertisers with a holistic solution to navigate the complexities of the CTV market. By integrating CTV signals such as automated content recognition (ACR) and ad exposure data with AI-driven contextual data from the open web, Seedtag empowers advertisers to precisely target audiences, tailor creative content, and optimize campaign performance. With Contextual TV, advertisers gain a deeper understanding of their audience across multiple devices, enabling them to deliver more relevant and impactful advertising experiences beyond genres and standard CTV audiences.

“Advertising on both CTV and the open web has a multiplier effect, reaching a larger audience with precision and increasing effectiveness compared to running campaigns in silos,” said Mike Villalobos, VP of Strategy & Planning. “By leveraging both channels, you connect with individuals in different mindsets, which evokes different responses and improves engagement.”

With Contextual TV, Seedtag ensures ad placements on trusted channels through its quality inventory, enhancing brand credibility and visibility. In addition, Seedtag is part of a comprehensive partner ecosystem to overcome any measurement challenge of reach, awareness, interest, and consideration.

"Seedtag is a partner that not only offers exceptional customer service, but also offers a solution that is future-ready for clients," said Tori Gellatly, VP Media Director at Mediahub. "In a world where cookies are disappearing and consumption is fragmented, it’s even more important for brands to understand where and what their audience is consuming. As we move away from cookie-led targeting, we are excited to elevate our partnership with Seedtag by leveraging a full-funnel contextual strategy that will incorporate its latest CTV capabilities. Implementing Seedtag’s highly contextual targeting within CTV will allow us to increase visibility, eliminate waste, and target consumers who would be most interested in our brand.” 

“We are excited to continue our growing partnership with Seedtag as their contextual AI, Liz, promises to drive significant growth and redefine cookieless targeting capabilities in the CTV/OTT environment,” said Amanda Marks, Director of Programmatic Strategy and Activation at Kinesso. “As the industry looks to evolve CTV targeting solutions, Seedtag’s advanced technology enables advertisers to seamlessly implement a holistic contextual approach at scale, with precision and proven measurement.”



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