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Seedtag LAB Allows Brands to Use AI to Define their Cookie-less Advertising Strategies

By Rocío Martínez de Carlos on September, 30 2021

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Rocío Martínez de Carlos

PR Coordinator at Seedtag

Seedtag, the leader in contextual advertising in EMEA and LATAM, has today announced the launch of Seedtag LAB, a program specifically designed to help brands find their target customers in a world without cookies through contextual AI (artificial intelligence). Designed in response to an increasing shift in targeting audiences within the advertising industry, Seedtag LAB provides value by enabling marketers to precisely understand their true audience, whilst respecting consumer privacy.


For many years, brands have been analysing consumers and creating audience segments based on their age, gender, or purchasing power. However, the new changes shaking the industry are pushing advertisers to find new ways to identify and target their customers - that's where Seedtag LAB comes into play. Understanding contextual audiences is key to communicating effectively in a privacy-first world, and Seedtag LAB has been specially formulated to help brands with this transition.

With Seedtag LAB, Seedtag goes even further in supporting its customers by providing them with actionable Contextual Data and insights, leading brands to maximise campaign effectiveness. Based on Seedtag’s proprietary Contextual AI technology, LIZ©, the program starts with a data-based content strategy that is bespokely designed to understand user interest, define their contextual audience, and target it without the use of cookies. 

Seedtag puts its expertise and data at the service of brands so they can better understand content consumption, preferences, and user behaviour. Finally, Seedtag uses this data to create brand specific contextual segments to target their ads, while observing competitors' territories to differentiate from and set apart. Through Seedtag LAB, ads will be relevant for customers and will resonate with their real time interests. In order to achieve this, Seedtag relies on its Contextual AI LIZ© to create “The Content Universe”: a multidimensional representation of digital media consumption, containing the information of each and every article being read.

To get the most out of this data-driven process, Seedtag LAB is divided into three stages:

  • Firstly, the pre-campaign, where the contextual universe is created to identify trends, craft the content strategy, and contextualise creatives
  • Secondly, as the campaign begins, ads are being delivered in the most relevant placements across the Seedtag Network. Seedtag LAB works to optimise this process for maximum results while keeping the client's main objectives in mind. Weekly reporting is occurring, and a mid-campaign learning session is held to ensure the LAB delivery is successful throughout the entirety of the campaign
  • Finally, once the LAB is completed, a set of assessments are delivered to analyse results, from consumer perception to unique contextual insights and competitor analysis

Jorge Poyatos, Co-CEO of Seedtag, states: “The changes shaking the advertising industry are pushing brands to find ways to reach consumers without cookies. For that reason, contextual advertising is the most effective way to target users in the open web. But what context should you be targeting? This is a new question many advertisers are asking themselves. While many platforms are trying to jump into the contextual opportunity and starting to work on single URL understanding, after 7 years in the industry, Seedtag contextual AI goes one step beyond and offers brands network-level contextual information to support brands in the definition of the contextual audiences that maximises the performance of their campaigns.”

Paul Goldbaum, CTO at Seedtag, states: The reason we created LAB was to allow our clients to leverage the full capabilities of our Contextual AI, LIZ. It’s a program for brands wanting to  get the most out of contextual advertising. With Seedtag LAB we aim to ensure that our clients are connecting with their consumers, that they are appearing in the most relevant content environments, and are doing so in a privacy-centric way.

In essence, as understanding contextual audiences will be crucial to communicating effectively in a world where privacy is king, brands will be able to use the insights provided by Seedtag LAB to further optimise campaign delivery based on their specific targeted KPIs and Seedtag’s analysis. Seedtag LAB is ready to help clients reach new heights when it comes to contextual advertising, and support them as they create their very own Contextual Universe.

Seedtag LAB is going to be unveiled at a livestream launch event on the 30th of September featuring Albert Nieto and Jorge Poyatos, CEOs of Seedtag; Paul Goldbaum, CTO of Seedtag; and Emilia Kirk, Global Head of Growth at Seedtag. 

To tune into the launch event at 5pm CET, sign up here:


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