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Seedtag consolidates its leadership in Contextual AI by acquiring German company Recognified

By Rocío Martínez de Carlos on February, 2 2021

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Rocío Martínez de Carlos

PR Coordinator at Seedtag

Seedtag continues its expansion throughout Europe by acquiring the German company Recognified. This acquisition is not only a geographical move to have presence in the top 5 European markets but it is also another step forward in Seedtag’s growth plan to consolidate its leadership position in contextual AI in Europe and Latam. This announcement comes two months after Seedtag reported the acquisition of its Italian competitor AtomikAd

Founded in 2016 by Jan-Philipp Kröll, Matthias Hahn and Stoyan Georgiev, Recognified is a computer vision and brand advertising company specialised in contextual advertising. The purchase of the Munich based company is Seedtag’s first acquisition in the country, which plays an important role in the European advertising market as it ranks second in digital investment only behind the UK. Through this operation,  Seedtag expands its international presence, adding Germany to its offices in  the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Benelux, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.

This acquisition and expansion have been driven by an increased market demand of the benefits of contextual full stack solutions, the complementary technologies and publisher agreements between both companies, as well as the continued need for innovative, brand-safe and privacy-first advertising formats in the region. 

The integration process of the two companies will progressively take place throughout 2021. Seedtag will use Recognified’s existings infrastructure to provide relevant advertising solutions to its clients in the country and it will be able to offer access to the German network to its current clients. This way Seedtag will have a greater offering to deliver highly impactful international campaigns.

According to Albert Nieto, Co-CEO of Seedtag: “the acquisition of Recognified shows our ambition to become global leaders in contextual advertising. It represents a very strategic move to consolidate our dominant position in Europe. We were very impressed by the quality of the team and the business that the Recognified founders built in Germany, and it was very clear from the first interaction that joining forces with them would make both Seedtag and Recognified stronger”.

Jorge Poyatos, Co-CEO of Seedtag, says that “this is a strategic acquisition for seedtag. Recognified has developed strong computer vision capabilities that will reinforce our contextual AI and strengthen Seedtag’s understanding of consumers' interest in a privacy-focused manner.”

Jan-Philipp Kröll, Managing Director of Recognified, states “Together with seedtag, we share not only the same product and a complementary technology but we have the same demanding ambitions. To leverage synergies by combining both companies leads to the next level of a contextual full stack company with global scale and extraordinary high-impact ads for our clients. We are all very excited about this merger- we like to call it : the perfect match”.

Matthias Hahn, Managing Director of Recognified, adds: “Seedtag’s bright founders with a clear vision, great team and an ambitious company means huge opportunities for both parties to grow even faster together!”.

By contextually delivering ads through its proprietary AI technology based on Machine Learning algorithms, Seedtag offers advertisers an effective alternative to the use of cookies by targeting users based on their real-time interests.

After six years developing their contextual AI, Seedtag has been able to move beyond contextual targeting and incorporate contextual data planning tools and real-time insights into its offering. On top of that, Seedtag is pioneering new technologies such as contextual lookalike that outperform traditional contextual or audience targeting. 


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