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Seedtag commits to reducing the carbon footprint of its advertising campaigns with IMPACT+

By Rocío Martínez de Carlos on October, 21 2021

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Rocío Martínez de Carlos

PR Coordinator at Seedtag

Seedtag, the leader in contextual advertising in EMEA and LATAM,  has partnered with IMPACT+ to implement their technological solution to measure and reduce the carbon impact of online advertising. Seedtag’s goal is to enable its clients to minimize the carbon impact of their campaigns without altering performance. With the initial pilot project set to take place in France and roll out to more countries in the future, Seedtag is one of the first adtech companies to offer a carbon measurement solution to its clients. The company aims to help advertisers respond effectively to the climate emergency and to meet the expectations of consumers who are demanding a more environmentally-responsible attitude from brands.


Seedtag + Impact +


Seedtag has pledged to be part of the solution with the introduction of IMPACT+’s ability to calculate and diminish the carbon footprint of its advertising campaigns. IMPACT+, having a proven record of supporting brands and agencies in their ecological commitment, provides granular measurement tools so that each party understands the carbon footprint of its campaigns and the levers to reduce it more easily. As a result, IMPACT+ has helped advertisers to make their ads less polluting while guaranteeing their media performance. This relatively new and eco-friendly direction for adtechs and broadcasters permits broadening the scope of possible reduction actions, by enabling the optimisation of the technologies used in broadcasting.


This approach provides a simple, online solution, offering environmental KPIs combined with media KPIs, which allows Seedtag to analyse its performance and take the necessary measures to reduce the carbon impact of ads. In concrete terms, the IMPACT+ solution analyses the parameters that are not performing well from an environmental point of view and makes recommendations for optimisation. For instance, ads have proven to pollute less depending on the time of year it is shown, the format used, or the type of screen on which it is displayed.


Seedtag has also integrated this tool for measuring the carbon impact of online advertising campaigns into its CSR strategy. The start-up has developed the first dedicated artificial intelligence to gear towards more engaging and more effective digital advertising, which is no longer based on personal data, but instead on the context of the page consulted. It is committed to protecting consumers' privacy while guaranteeing advertisers high-performance campaigns. Seedtag, which has always been at the forefront of responsible digital advertising, is taking one step further in its commitment to the environment by using IMPACT+'s expertise. In fact, within a year, the company wants to reduce the carbon emissions of its advertising campaigns by a substantial 30%. Moreover, this ambition is part of a more global CSR project. The start-up is currently defining its CSR objectives for the next five years. Among them, a major focus would be the improvement of its energy expenses. 


Seedtag wants to allow the companies it supports to be environmentally friendly in a manageable way without losing profitability. With two weeks to go before COP 26, Seedtag and IMPACT+ share the desire to make the digital advertising industry more sustainable and responsible. By 2025, 8% of greenhouse gas emissions will be generated by digital, which is equivalent to the total amount of pollution generated by cars. Consumers are also demanding that brands be more responsible in their communications. Studies show 92% of 15-24 year olds demand that companies commit to reducing the environmental impact of their communication campaigns. 


Vincent Villaret, CEO of IMPACT+, says: "Our ambition at IMPACT+ is to reduce the carbon footprint of the digital advertising industry. After having supported many brands since 2020, we are very happy to launch our new offer for advertising agencies and to count Seedtag among the first broadcasters who are committed to a more sober and sustainable advertising! Everyone has a role to play in tackling the climate problem, and Seedtag, by implementing impact measurement on all its campaigns, is taking the first step towards reducing emissions.

Clarisse Madern, France Country Manager at Seedtag, said: "Reducing our carbon footprint is everyone's responsibility, especially the digital advertising industry, whose ecological impact is often pointed out. This is why we decided to support our clients in this process by offering them an advertising placement service that is both respectful of consumers' privacy and more environmentally friendly. We chose Impact+ because we could appreciate the effectiveness of its method, which consists of measuring in order to act effectively, and because we recognize ourselves in their values."


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