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Seedtag Awarded “Best Contextual Targeting Offering” at Digiday Media Awards

By Seedtag on May, 17 2024

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Seedtag's contextual AI was named the best at the Digiday Media Awards, highlighting the importance of privacy-first solutions in shaping the future of digital advertising


Seedtag, the global contextual advertising company, has been honored by Digiday as the “Best Contextual Targeting Offering” in the Digiday Media Awards. Fittingly, the announcement came on the same day as Seedtag celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

The Digiday Media Awards recognize companies all over the world modernizing digital media and have over the years honored industry-leading work from The New York Times, Salesforce, PopSugar, and many more. This year's awards acknowledge the hard work and dedication Seedtag has put into its offerings over the last decade. By continuously innovating and expanding its contextual AI technology, Liz, the company successfully meets the ever-changing needs of advertisers in the dynamic digital landscape. With Seedtag, brands and agencies effectively reach their target audience through user's real-time interests, enabling sustainable advertising at scale across the open web and CTV. As third-party cookies are being deprecated from all major web browsers, this award affirms the power of contextual AI in reaching consumers on a privacy-first basis, setting the course for the future of digital advertising.

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