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Renault and OMD Spain try out Seedtag’s new In-Video solution

By Rocío Martínez de Carlos on June, 24 2020

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Rocío Martínez de Carlos

PR Coordinator at Seedtag

Renault launches its Renault Now campaign by testing Seedtag’s new In-Video solution alongside OMD Spain.

The French automotive group continues to look for disruptive ways to reach users. For this reason, they have decided to be the first in Spain to exclusively test the new Seedtag In-Video solution, which represents another step on the company's path to consolidate its leadership in content-integrated advertising.

Thanks to Seedtag’s proprietary Cognitive Content Analysis (CCA) technology developed through Machine Learning algorithms and its ability to integrate ads into images and now also into videos, Seedtag offers advertisers the possibility to develop their brand values by being associated with related content. This technology also represents an effective alternative to the use of cookies, allowing targeting based on the users’ interests in real-time.

With its “Renault Now” cross model campaign, the automotive company not only seeks to be seen as an innovation leader in the Spanish market but also to develop its brand association with the values ​​of sports, all while trying to encourage the purchase of cars after the recent COVID-19 crisis.

Laura Serrano, Brand Lead at OMD Spain says: “The OMD team is always looking to work on technological innovation and creative solutions that allow us to connect with Renault’s consumers at the right time. We always strive to be the pioneers in media and to work with partners like Seedtag to optimise communication.”

According to Adela Pérez, Communication & Marketing Manager Renault Iberia: “At Group Renault, it is of the utmost importance to lead innovation when it comes to digital communication. This involves exploring and taking advantage of new opportunities like this one. Renault's strategy aims to obtain maximum visibility and performance, prioritising the relevance of the content for the user, beyond the message itself, controlling the formats and the moment in which communication occurs.”

As Eugenio Mohedano, Spain Sales Director at Seedtag highlights, “Renault is one of the advertisers that has been testing the effectiveness of our solutions for a long time. So, when our product department proposed to launch this new solution, we did not hesitate to offer the Renault team at OMD the possibility of testing it exclusively, as they are usually very proactive in innovating. ”

He adds that "the campaign has had remarkable results, reaching 89.3% of viewability (according to IAS data) and more than 1% of CTR, which means that both Renault/OMD and Seedtag can be very satisfied with the performance of this campaign. ”

The In-Video solution takes digital advertising one step further, as it is a non-intrusive alternative to the traditional pre-roll format, which allows for the creative to be served on the video without interrupting it, completely integrated into the content. The ad is launched 5 seconds after the video starts playing, keeping the content that the user chose to watch inside the creative and allowing them to close it at any time, returning to playing the video full-size.

According to Borja Fernández, Spain Country Manager at Seedtag, “the In-Video solution is a very good opportunity for brands to connect with their audience in a non-intrusive way, as the video keeps playing while the creative is displayed. This allows Renault to emphasize on three very important points for the brand: attention, viewability and contextually targeted impact on content related to its audience interest, which are values ​​that are guaranteed by all of our solutions.”

This new solution allows brands to securely position themselves on the most appropriate video content for each campaign, associating themselves with specific territories and in line with the brand values ​​they want to transmit.

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